We built upon
a clear vision

The Klingerka office building relates the site's historical legacy. Together with the adjacent residential block, it helps to constitute the character
of the city. 


The place has always been known simply as “Klingerka”. JTRE's goal is to bring a new life to the former brownfield through our quality execution, elaborate layouts, living parterre and a large park. 

This is why the entire development project bears the name “Klingerka”.   

Klingerka is located in a quiet, yet developing zone near the old harbor, at the edge of the new broader city centre. 

The focal point of this centre is the Eurovea City building, which offers various leisure activities and gourmet experiences.

You’re a free spirit in pursuit of opportunity 


The familiar sounding name Klingerka is derived from  
the name of the textile factory founder Heinrich Klinger.  Klinger, a native of Bratislava, was the son of a Jewish antiquarian and began his career at the Viennese company “Jozef und Markus Weiss”, where he worked for ten years. After gaining enough experience, he decided to establish his own canvas shop in 1858 in Vienna. The shop did well, because several years later, in 1866, he was able to build a weaving mill in Svitavy. Two more subsidiaries followed - in the Leopoldstadt district of Vienna and in Budapest. Then Klingerka was founded in 1888.


Klingerka was a textile mill processing burlap. It produced wall fabrics, leatherette, waterproof sacks and waxed canvas. The factory ran its own dyeing mill and a shed in which materials were impregnated and polished. In 1897, Klingerka also started producing also sailcloth, military equipment, leather products, tent cloths, hoses, impregnated tarpaulins and various technical cloths for shoemakers and textile producers.  The production quality was excellent – it won awards and prizes at many exhibitions.

The factory did very well – at one point, it had 1,000 workers. It didn't apply to Klingerka only – there were other factories in Bratislava that employed thousands of workers. That meant a huge need for accessible housing. Besides the municipality, the factory owners also participated in finding 
a solution for the housing issue, and so numerous housing estates for workers started springing up around all the factories, and Klingerka was no exception – an estate for workers was built there in 1894. It consisted of three 3-floor apartment blocks and several family houses that created an enclosed complex with green yards.


After 1939, the factory never re-opened. However, people still lived at the housing estate. Although the life there was a simple and modest one and some of the buildings had no electricity, the tenants had good relations with their neighbors and were used to helping each other. People were nice in general, they were not jealous or envious, and were ready to share the little that they had. The mutual trust was such that people didn’t even lock their doors. The old houses were demolished in the 1980’s, and since then, the Klingerka remained abandoned and empty. The area declined and fell into disrepair.

A peaceful setting, lush with greenery, creates a space where people can feel and do their best. 

Are you the visionary type and “out of the box” thinking is typical for you?

Do you like to introduce new methods and test their effectiveness in your company?

Do you like the boutique style of the Klingerka office building? No megalomaniac project, just nine office floors and an easy commute via any mode of transportation – is the perfect fit for you.

Work & life balance

What matters to you is what‘s best for your company and your employees.

Boutique zone character

A boutique office building describes the character of a building with up to
10,000 square meters, built in a significant location near key architectural landmarks and offering the added value of extra quality, and quiet environment, with a calming and non-intimidating atmosphere. The term was established so well that it is now used by our competitors and allows clients to know what to expect from such a building.

comes to life again

comes to life
Klingerka comes to life

On your own or using a borrowed bike at a petrol station near Klingerka, you can easily move wherever you need. Drivers simply follow on the nearby motorway leading out of the city. Klingerka is also pretty close to the Bratislava main bus station. 

will offer

Klingerka is not only proud of its interesting history but also of its excellent position.

Na Dunaj (zimný prístav)
Towards the Danube (winter harbor).
Na architektonický skvost - most Apollo
Apollo bridge.
Na historickú dominantu mesta – Bratislavský hrad
City’s signature landmark – Bratislava's Castle.
Bratislavské Staré Mesto s jeho kostolíkmi, parkami  a ďalšími pamiatkami budete mať ako na dlani.  15 minút chôdze trvá  cesta do historického centra Bratislavy
The old town with its churches, parks and other monuments will be at your feet. Just 15 minutes walk from the historic center of Bratislava.

within reach

325 km

M.R. Štefánik Bratislava Airport 
9 km

62 km

201 km

202 km

Who is JTRE

JTRE is building a fully-fledged, modern urban neighborhood where one can live well and fulfill oneself.

The first is the Eurovea City waterfront area near the Danube river, which is cosmopolitan in nature and suitable for companies that  wish to become the part of a vibrant city center. 

The second one is  an attractive city neighborhood  with a touch of history under  the Castle Hill linked to the promenade and River Park. This area is filled with financial and consulting firms, law firms and pharmaceutical companies that like boutique character and the overall comfort of the location.  

The third quarter is Westend, which is naturally destined for meetings and collaborations thanks to it being  the site of world-class company headquarters and the neighborhood of Slovakia's largest scientific institution. It is defined by its location as a place for the creation of an active scientific-secular community.


years of experience




projects completed


sq m of built projects


Developer of the year

1 billion

EUR value of developments 6 countries around the globe


CIJ Awards




Building of the year

"At JTRE, we strive to introduce a bit of the non-conventional to the conventional office buildings  to make them more attractive and functional at the same time,  while still staying trendy even  after ten or fifteen years.”

JTRE family and friends

Our clients are our friends and partners at the same time - somebody we stand for and with at all times and under  
all circumstances. It is thanks to this personal approach that more than 95% of our commercial real estate is currently occupied.

Because friends listen to each other

We are here for our clients when they grow and deal with their expansion, and every success they achieve brings us sincere joy. During more challenging times, we support them and look for solutions that will best suit them better in their new situation. 

We are always here listening to their needs and wishes in order to fully understand the difficulty of their situation and find a suitable alternative, such as a smaller or less expensive places.

We are inspired by foreign artists who offer an unconventional look at public space - we use our imagination and keep our eyes open. Whether it is involves the of famous Catalonian architect Beth Gali in the riverside extension under the Eurovea 2 project and the Pribinova boulevard, or the fact that our projects openly invite combinations of the unusual, such as wine tasting in the industrial spaces of the Footshop sneakers store in Panorama Towers, or the innovative linking of a walk-through public space and an entrance lobby of the office building Pribinova 19.

Clients spend a large part of their  lives living and working in properties we develop. That is why we want our clients, who are our friends, to reside in the office space happily, harmoniously and healthily.

Form follows function

11 - storey office building

10,000 sq m area


238 parking spaces

Key figures
Project leasable area (incl. add-on):
11,522 sq m
Office leasable area (incl. add-on):
10,570 sq m
Typical floor plate (incl. add-on):
1,136 sq m
Canteen (incl. add-on):
658 sq m
174 sq m
120 sq m
Above ground floors:
Below ground floors:
Number of client parking:

Rooftop terrace available to a tenant on the respective floor.
Sustainability standard - BREEAM EXCELLENT


Ground floor 1. Floor 2. Floor 3. Floor 4. Floor 5. Floor 6. Floor 7. Floor 8. Floor 9. Floor 10. Floor
Ground floor

Canteen: 658 sq m

Parking spaces: 238  in 1st floor underground

Floor 1

Office space: 482 sq m

Storage: 40 sq m

Floor 2

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 3

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 4

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 5

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 6

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 7

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 8

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 9

Office space: 1,136 sq m

Floor 10

Office space: 1,003 sq m

Terrace: 120 sq m

Look inside

Look inside

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